Example Configurator - Carton Palletising Line

CAD Schroer - Example Configurator Info

With this configurator you can experience the advantages of an online configurator live. You create and configure your own design directly in 3D, and afterwards we automatically send you an e-mail with a pack of documentation for your specific design. This will include a 2D drawing of your design, together with a 3D model in PDF and FBX formats.

This example configurator came directly from industry and shows the configuration of a portion of a packaging line. The cartons come from a filling machine ready to be loaded onto a pallet.

Although this is a very specific example, it demonstrates how you can use this type of web-based technology to enable your customers to configure many different types of products, and even layout entire systems. For example, you could configure supermarket shelving, motorcycles and retail products. In short, any configurable product that has multiple options and specific assembly logic is typically a good candidate for online configuration.

Please take a moment to watch our tutorial video before you use the configurator:
Dialog on the left: Dashboard with options and Bill of Materials
Dialog on the right: Select catalog components
Arrow: eneable LMB Selection
Cross: Cancel / Delete selected
Middle/Right mouse button: Rotate & Move
Mouse wheel: Zoom

A Bill of Materials is dynamically created for you on the left side of the configurator dashboard, and is updated whenever you add or delete something
When your design is complete, click the "Finish Design" button in the Dashboard to finalize the design. Then enter your contact details and click submit. Your design will be then be processed off-line, and a pack of documentation for your specific design will be emailed to you in just a few minutes.

Submit your Details and recieve an Email with all Documents

We need some information from you so that we can send you your design documentation pack based on your specific design.

You will receive an email with a ZIP file attached containing the documentation. This will include a 2D drawing of your design, together with a 3D model in PDF and FBX formats.
This is just a taster of what we can offer with our configurator technology. For example, we can further streamline sales processes by automatically creating quotations, accessing inventory management systems, updating CRM systems, and sending configuration enquiries directly to your sales team.

You will receive an email from csgconfig@cad-schroer.com in the next few minutes. Please check your junk and spam folders if you do not receive this email.
Please note our privacy policy.

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Carton Size
Carton Conveyor Type
Pallet Size
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